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EquatIO Math Editor

EquatIO Overview

EquatIO is a digital math editor that allows you to type, draw, or dictate math and science formulas, graphs, and equations into your Canvas content.

Accessing EquatIO

EquatIO can be found in your Canvas course Rich Content Editor (RCE). The RCE is the editing space where you create content. It can be found in: pages, assignments, quizzes, announcements, and discussions. When you go to create content using any of these tools:

  1. From your RCE, select the "V" icon.
  2. From the dropdown select Insert EquatIO

Enabling Prediction

Summary: If you enable the prediction feature, EquatIO will offer predictive symbols and formulas as you type, making entering equations faster. This video reviews how to enable this feature.

Duration: 39 seconds

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Tools and Features

Summary: This video will provide an overview of the Equation Editor tool.

Duration: 1 minute, 10 seconds

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LaTeX is a mathematical coding tool that typesets complex math formulas so they can be read in documents. If you already use LaTeX, you can paste your codes into EquatIO and EquatIO will decode it and allow you to add it into assignments, pages, or discussions via rich content editor.

  1. Open EquatIO and Select LaTeX from the bottom toolbar (see "accessing EquatIO" above).
  2. Paste or type in your LaTeX code. in the left-hand section. Your output will appear to the right of the code. 
  3. Select Insert Math to add it into your rich content editor.

Summary: This video will review how to use the Graphing feature in EquatIO.

Duration: 1 minute, 33 seconds

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Summary: This video will review the Handwriting feature using EquatIO.

Duration: 52 seconds

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Summary: This video will review the Speech Input feature in EquatIO. 

Duration: 43 seconds

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