Pathways Planner

The Pathways Planner is a comprehensive way for you to plan your time at Virginia Tech. While planning your courses is a central piece of this process, it is also crucial to begin thinking about your long-term goals, extra and co-curricular activities and other aspects of your college career. The Pathways Planner will help you do all of this!

Upon completing the Pathways Planner, you will:

  • Have outlined a tentative framework for your time at Virginia Tech, including classes, extra and co-curricular activities, and future goals, and you will be able to visualize the timeline in which this may occur.
  • Be able to navigate University resources necessary for planning and putting into action your academic and life goals.
  • Be able to articulate the importance of extra and co-curricular activities related to your academic endeavors.

Accessing Pathways Planner and Starting a New Plan

You can access Pathways Planner by going to OneCampus!

One Campus Access

To create a new plan:

  • Start by selecting Create a New Plan
  • Choose a Degree Program
  • Enter a name for the Plan
  • Select the term and year you want to start planning
  • Select Add Plan
  • Your plan is now created!

If you entered Virginia Tech in Summer II 2018 or after then, you will be completing Pathways to General Education. The appropriate plans for Pathways to General Education are listed under * Pathways GE Transition (Freshman entering Summer/Fall 2018) alphabetically.

If you entered prior to Summer II 2018, then you are completing Curriculum for Liberal Education (CLE). The appropriate plans for CLE are located under the specific college the major is part of.

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Audit v Roadmap

The Audit Format provides a break down of classes required for this program, including CLE and major specific requirements, GPA, Foreign Language, red “x’s” mean you still need something in this area.  By clicking on the carrot to open up these requirements, it will list what you need.    

Audit Format Pathways Planner

The Roadmap Format is formatted into terms and suggested courses to take in those terms.  You can click on the carrot to drop down on specific courses and still click and drag as you can in the audit format.  You can also click on specific courses and it will give you a specific course descriptions about each class – for the most part.    

If your major has a roadmap, then a blue link will appear on the audit page.  

Roadmap Format Pathways Planner


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Keys to Success

  • Keep in close contact with your academic advisor. They will help you monitor your progress and communicate changes.
  • Plan for courses with prerequisites - you may not be allowed to register for a course if you do not meet the stated prerequisite.
  • Your pathways planner is meant to be dynamic, so be sure to update as needed.
  • You are ultimately responsible for keeping informed and up-to-date on graduation requirements. As such, be proactive by applying for your degree and reviewing your pathways planner and DARS (Degree Audit Report) with your academic advisor. 

Additional Resources

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